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Weebly is no doubt among the finest website builders out there. It's free, simple to use, newbie-friendly and will help you put together an operating website very quickly.

However, Weebly faces criticisms every once in awhile. Some of those i have experienced frequently include:

• Design is often too dull and plain
• Advertisement for Weebly on the footer of the webpage
• Upgrading to Pro costs money

I will address each one of these points.

Design is often too dull and plain

Yes, it is correct that a few of Weebly's default themes are a bit on the dull side. However, I am a true believer that folks should stick to what they're great at, by leaving the remainder with other experts. In cases like this, Weebly is exceptional in what they actually do - providing solid and straightforward to utilize website building platform for all to use. Nearly all their services is free, and it is sufficient for many users to build a very functional website using the free tools.

There are professional template / theme designers on the market offering professional and beautiful template designs which can be suitable for Weebly. They are doing charge a bit for creative designs. In the greater context of things, given that users are receiving Weebly's services at no cost, paying a little bit to essentially help make your website stay ahead of the rest of the crowd is well worth it, that is if you are ready about your website.

Advertisement for Weebly on the footer with the webpage

If you haven't seen the tiny Weebly advertisement at the footer of the free Weebly website, it says "Create a free website with Weebly." The tiny little advertisement is non-intrusive, and more likely these days, won't draw much focus on your website visitors.

For my part, this can be a very reasonable price to cover Weebly users to make use of the website building platform for free. Take into account that you are receiving the rest free of charge, it is a very acceptable advertisement to simply accept. You won't find some other website building platforms which can be as generous as Weebly.

Upgrading to Pro costs money

Upgrading to Weebly Pro is around US$5 monthly. Take into account that about 80% or even more with the tools you need to develop a very functional website is already free. What exactly can you have for $5 monthly? You can upload your personal videos, audio, embedding documents, increasing your file size limit to 100 megabytes, and achieving gone the tiny Weebly advertisement on the footer. Oh and you get to jump prior to the line if you want any support from Weebly.

I believe this is a very acceptable investment if you want those options. If not, keep with all the free Weebly program. Seriously, you already get a lot of the basic tools to produce a web site. So in this way, you really don't need to upgrade to Pro unless you need those Pro tools. The worth you get while using Weebly at no cost is immense. You will probably have more should you spend those funds to buy your excellent web site design.

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